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  • House & barn conversions
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Services We Offer

Below is a list along with breif description of the services we offer. If you would like more information on our work & services please contact us. You can visit the contact us page and fill out the form,
or call us on 07740 873 368.

Supplying Bricklayers

We here at PPC Design and Build Ltd. are quality suppliers of bricklayers to the civil and construction industry. There are many organizations in existence today that wish to contract a team of trusted bricklayers. When you require some brick work to be done, you want to be assured that the bricklayers hired are fully competent and experienced so the completed work is of the highest calibre. We supply only the most experienced and reputable bricklayers to our clients to ensure that each of our customers is 100% satisfied with the bricklaying work done.

New Builds

When you are fulfilling your dream of having a new home or another type of structure built, putting your trust in us will ensure that your dreams are realized. Our team of highly experienced and fully capable builders will build your structure from start to finish by working closely with you to ensure that it turns out exactly as you had envisioned. Our experience and knowledge acquired over the years has helped to create the solid foundations of a new build company committed to excellence from the initial design right through to the construction. Our desire to construct homes and buildings that combine high quality workmanship with exciting design is achieved through our well-trained and very experienced team of builders which enjoys the challenges new builds offer. We have all of the different types of tradesmen available for new builds which includes electricians, plumbers, carpet layers and plasterers to complete the jobs at hand efficiently and to your complete satisfaction.

House Extensions

Building an extension to a home is a good alternative to moving house. The cost of new homes have risen significantly over the past few years making it not financially feasible for many families to relocate. Whether it is a conservatory, a new kitchen, building over a garage or having an entire second storey built onto a home, an extension will change the character of that house. We will handle the entire extension process for you starting with your idea, the planning and design - all the way to putting the final touches on the project. On team of professionals consists of every type of tradesman needed to get the job done from the very planning stages to completion. Extending your home not only gives you more room but it also increases your home's curb appeal and can add a significant value to your home.

Barn Conversions

Barn conversions have become very popular throughout the UK. We see these lovely structures dotting the countryside that offers hand-crafted simplicity which blends into the local landscape. Barn conversions nearly always consist of altering the original structure so that the 'new' building complies with the various modern-day building regulations. Allowing us to handle your barn conversion for you will result in a completed conversion that is a beautiful sight to behold and one that gives you an immense sense of pride upon its completion. We are fully confident that we can blend the old and new together to create a home that is one-of-a-kind, comfortable and very modern to give you the highly sought after combination of contemporary living space and old-world charm. We have the best plumbers, plasterers, electricians and decorators all available to do the entire job, from start to finish.

House Refurbishments

Regardless if you have just moved into a home or if you want to have work done on your existing house to increase its value or to make it more pleasant to live in, we have the skills and experience needed to tackle your refurbishing project. We can install brand new rooms such as kitchen and bathrooms and will handle all of the various tasks such as plaster work, joinery and masonry, plumbing, tiling and painting so that your home is transformed into the type of home you wish to have. We consider no job too big or too small. We will work closely with you to ensure that your newly refurbished home meets and even exceeds your expectations. Our tradesmen are proud of the work they do and they always look forward to taking on new house refurbishments.

Kitchen Installation

PPC Design and Build Ltd. offers our kitchen installation services whenever a new build or extension is ordered. We are fully aware of the fact that the kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. This is where meals are shared and families spend time bonding and creating memories. Our high quality workmanship coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction will result in you getting exactly the type of kitchen you have always dreamed of having. We will handle the entire kitchen installation for you which includes plumbing, electrical work, plastering your walls and installing your oven.